Colorado. City Council Discusses Prayer

The city is in the middle of a workshop to determine what is the safest way to continue praying in their meetings. They are discussing three different options to their invocation. One is to get rid of it all together... another to replace the prayer with a moment of silence. But the most popular is to keep the prayer... but adjust it under the suggestion of the city's mayor, Gregg Palmer, to be more diverse. One stipulation on the suggestion to add diversity in the prayer is that the invocation be delivered by someone from the community. Part of tonight's meeting will cover how to regulate that process. If that's the case Western Colorado Atheists may not feel that they've won very much in this debate because so few people in this area practice religion outside of a traditional Christian church. The council's meeting is open to the public... although no outside testimony is being allowed at tonight's meeting. More on Krex TV, 04.08.08.

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