Suicide bombing targets Chinese in Hub, Pakistan

July 18, 2007: Pakistan is promising to step up security in the wake of recent violence aimed at Chinese nationals as China increases its economic and military ties with the Musharraf government. Today, a convoy of Chinese construction workers was attacked as it made its way out of the region, known as Baluchistan in southwest Pakistan. Fears for their safety grew after three Chinese workers were killed in northern Pakistan near Peshawar on July 8. Several Chinese women were also kidnapped and later released by Islamic militants during Islamabad's Red Mosque crisis. An estimated 2-3000 Chinese work in Pakistan as the two countries forge strong links under a free trade agreement. China has spent about $200,000,000 to construct pipelines, highways and ports in order to gain an economic and strategic foothold in the Middle East. China has paid 80 % of the cost of the new port of Gwadar. It imports 60% of its energy from the Middle East, largely through the straits of Hormuz through which a fifth of the world's oil travels. Gwadar gives Beijing the ability to transport petroleum and crude oil products from Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Today's attack in Hub killed Pakistani civilians and police. Cameras captured the devastation and suffering which followed. 02:14

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