Holy Offensive

UK documentary looking at the clash between advocates of freedom of speech and artistic free expression, and religious groups who want their beliefs of what is sacred to be respected.

'Behzti' is a play written by the British Sikh playwright Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti. It contains controversial scenes in a Sikh temple, and its production in Birmingham met with violent demonstrations causing it to temporarily close.

A similar controversy surrounded the production and transmission of 'Jerry Springer The Opera', a musical written by Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas. It was actively opposed by evangelical Christian groups who protested at theatres across the UK, attempted legal action, and lobbied for it to be banned.

'Submission' is a 10-minute film directed by Theo van Gogh and written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It drew both praise and outrage over its portrayal of abused women as a criticism of Islam. On November 2nd 2004 Theo van Gogh was murdered because of his involvement in the film.

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